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Youth Disarmament

Producing safer, weapon-free spaces for children's development.

The control of the spread of weapons and armed forces is a concept that exists since the Middle ages with the intent to promote peace. A deficient system of disarmament can lead to highly weaponized military conflict such as World War II and increase the risk of an international conflict like the Cold War.

Disarmament –a tool to prevent conflict and mitigate its impact– has been the responsibility of heads of states and the national foreign policy. Nonetheless, in recent years the impact of the youth in such topics has been acknowledged. The essential role of the younger generation in allowing for a truly successful disarmament policy was recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in the Resolution 74/64.

As the largest generation in history, the youth have a critical role in raising awareness and developing new approaches to reduce threats from weapons. To achieve this it's essential to expose this generation to disarmament. This with the objective to maintain international peace and security.





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