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Become the leader the world craves.
May 22nd to June 4th, 2023

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Negotiate, debate, and deal with challenging situations at the preferred virtual Model UN program for middle and high school students worldwide.

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The Global MUN aims to complement world-class education through an engaging international experience, where students come together to take the role of a United Nations delegate and find true solutions to real-world problems.

Through our 2-week online experience, students develop their leadership to take on the challenges of the world, while they learn to communicate effectively in highly multicultural environments.

Gain access to:

Jump into the shoes of a United Nations delegate to take on the challenge of representing a country’s position towards a pressing subject globally.

Model UN Conference

Develop crucial leadership and public speaking skills companies worldwide crave in their new hires. All through our exciting and highly engaging training events.

Public Speaking Workshops

Talent Student Program

Special Awards & Recognitions

Get to know your new friends from around the world and build a global network of like-minded leaders. Warning: You may meet your future business partners here!

International Special Events

Seize the opportunity to have an open and honest talk with people who live the issues at hand daily, and discover how their life has been changed through their experiences.

Global Talks Sessions

Event Recordings

Study Abroad Opportunities

International Networking Opportunities

Participation Certificate

What is MUN?

Model UN (MUN) is a live simulation of the United Nations, where students will play the role of delegates from different countries, and debate from that country’s position to find true solutions to real-world problems

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How We Build the Leaders of Tomorrow Today

The world is thirsty for avid professionals that can put their knowledge to action, and take on challenges we can’t even imagine in the foreseeable future.

We aim to develop the professional skills world-class companies need by introducing you, our dear participant, to a multinational, high-performance environment. Here, you will not only gain valuable knowledge but also the chance to put your skills to the test in a safe, fun, and fast-paced environment.

Develop all these different skills....

Did you know MUN is extremely desirable to have on your CV for scholarships & grants?

Universities around the world seek true leaders who may drive the world forward. MUN is one of the best activities to prove you’ve got what it takes.